Teacher Training

We offer training sessions and bespoke workshops in addition to individual consultancy sessions. If you need training for your staff, particularly in terms of enabling them to utilise instructional technology in class, you will be surprised by our competitive rates. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Teacher VLE administration
  • Advanced VLE Manager
  • Blended Learning
  • IWB Training
  • Using the internet in class
  • Making the most of technology

IWB Training

IWBs are all the rage now. Most state schools in Europe have them, and many EFL institutions are equipping their classrooms with them too. They cost a lot of money and often the training which comes when the board is installed is not subject specific, mainly focussing on the features and how to calibrate them. engnet-education can show your teachers some great ideas and ways to adapt their teaching styles to the board. Also, more importantly, ways to adapt the board to their teaching style. If your school focuses on communicative and interactive teaching methods, the last thing you want is for the class to become technology centred, and IWBs can be terrible for this. At engnet-education we can make suggestions about how to maximise the board, and also advise on other features such as how to network the boards and integrate them with other technologies in the school, such as your VLE or even just staff emails. As part of our IWB training we also provide PowerPoint training and training on the board’s native software, so you can begin collecting a bank of your favourite lessons.

Blended Learning

Whatever you understand to mean by the term ‘blended learning’ you will agree that most people see it as a positive step. For us, blended learning is incorporating in-class activities with out-of-class activities, enabling greater access, autonomy and participation. Instructional technologies have allowed blended learning to become very powerful, but how does it work for language teaching? Our blended learning training workshops take one day, after a short presentation and Q&A, the workshops involve teachers in hands on sessions where they will participate and interact with the technology in the same way their students would. We cover a range of technologies throughout the day, from using inbuilt features of MS Office such as Track Changes and Mail Merge to send out personalised feedback to students, to downloading flash authoring software to create quizzes to be deployed in a VLE. We are flexible, and tailor the workshop around you and your teachers.

VLE Training

If you have a VLE or are thinking of getting one, we can help. Although some VLEs find themselves in good homes, the sad truth is that many are unloved and underused. This is particularly tragic for VLEs which are built from socio-constructivist methodological viewpoints, such as Moodle. We can help to put the spark back into your VLE and show teachers ways of using them which don’t add to their administrative duties. VLEs are designed to make learning and teaching easier. If you disagree with this, you need one of our sessions. We do the basics of adding a quiz and embedding a YouTube video, right up to designing the site’s architecture and even installing the Moodle on your own servers. We also have a wide knowledge and array of contacts within the Moodle and eLearning community, so we can help with any customisations and bespoke features you need adding to Moodle’s core code (please note, we can only offer customisations of Moodle and other open source VLEs).