Published Works

The following is an edited list of publications by Richard Pinner and associated with his work at engnet-education.


Pinner, R.S. (2011) ‘A Two Year Cross-Section of Student Use of Self-Access eLearning’ Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal, 2(3). Kanda University of International Studies

Pinner, R.S. (2011) ‘Teaching with Social Networks’ Modern English Teacher, 20(3).  Pavilion Press

Pinner, R.S. (2011) ‘VLE or LMS: A Taxonomy for Online Learning Environments’ CALL Review, Summer 2011 edition. IATEFL Publications

Pinner, R.S. (2011) ‘Using PowerPoint for Project-length Lessons’ English Teaching Professional: Forthcoming, 2011 Pavilion Press

Pinner, R.S. (2011) The Importance of Instructional Technology to Language Teaching Due To the Role of ICT in Globalisation’ Modern English Teacher: 20(1) January 2011 Pavilion Press

Pinner, R.S. (2011) Making the most of Moodle – A guide to starting and improving your schools’ self-access online’ English Teaching Professional: Issue 73, March Pavilion Press

Pinner, R.S. (2010) Setting up Self-Access through eLearning’ IATEFL Conference Selections: 44th International Conference IATEFL Publications

Pinner, R.S. (2010) Stuck in a rut: adding a dash of culture to help motivate students to progress’ Modern English Teacher: 19(4) Pavilion Press

Pinner, R.S (2010) ‘Regular peer-tutorials as a way of encouraging self-assessment and an alternative to traditional portfolios’ Independence: the Newsletter of the Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

Pinner, R.S (2009) ‘ELT and the Global Recession’   Journal of English Language Teaching: 63(4) Oxford Journals

Conference Presentations

EUROCALL 2010: Languages, cultures and virtual communities, European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning: University of Bordeaux, France, 8-11 September 2010 – ‘Teachers’ attitudes and motivations for using CALL in and around the language classroom’

Antwerp CALL 2010: Motivation and Beyond, Linguapolis: University of Antwerp, Belgium, 18-20 August 2010 – ‘A longitudinal study of student uptake using self-access eLearning’ and ‘Teachers’ attitudes and motivations for using CALL in and around the language classroom’

44th Annual International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language Conference and Exhibition; Harrogate, UK, 07-11 April 2010 – ‘Setting up Self-Access through eLearning’