Teachers’ Attitudes to Technology

This presentation was given at both Antwerp CALL 2010 and EUROCALL 2010, Bordeaux. It is based on research conducted as part of my master’s dissertation in Applied Linguistics and ELT at King’s College, London (supervised by Dr. Nick Andon).

With the growing role of ICT in society and the heightened expectation that language teachers should be able to use computer-aided language learning (CALL) in their classes, it is important to know more about how teachers perceive and use CALL in and around their classrooms. This paper looks at teachers’ attitudes to using CALL and their motivation for doing so. It also looks at teachers’ perceptions of student motivation when using CALL as part of a class.

Teachers’ attitudes and motivations for using CALL in and around the language classroom from Richard Pinner on Vimeo.

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