Welcome to Uniliterate, a consultancy specialising in second language learning and teaching.

My name is Richard Pinner and I founded Uniliterate (originally called engnet-education) in 2008. Since then I have provided training, support, consulting and materials for a wide range of different institutions. Originally established as an eLearning consultancy because of my work with Virtual Learning Environments and teaching with technology, Uniliterate now offers a diverse range of services based around the skills and interests I have been developing over the years. The primary aim is to increase the authenticity of language learning, to learn multiple literacies for today’s needs and to encourage engagement over a wide range of platforms.

I moved from London to Tokyo in 2011 and began working at Sophia University where I currently teach English Literature and provide teacher training. I also work at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I completed my Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics & ELT at King’s College, London in 2010. I am currently a doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics at Warwick University, studying Authenticity and Motivation under Dr. Ema Ushioda.

My main research interests are of course Authenticity and Motivation (my Ph.D subject) and also Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and I am the sub-coordinator of CLIL-Japan, a national CLIL initiative sponsored by STEP. In particular I am interested in combining my under-graduate content area of English Literature with my current teaching, so I am focusing on teaching Literature through Language and Language through Literature.

Through Uniliterate I offer consultancy, teacher training and materials development. I have run courses and workshops on PreSET and InSET teacher training, developing materials and adapting authentic materials, motivation and using literature in the classroom. In addition I also offer specialized training for teachers on the use and integration of technology in the class.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the services or other aspects of my work.

We provide  PreSET and InSET training for Language Teachers and consultation on program evaluation

Uniliterate combines practical experience with research-oriented theoretical understanding. We aim to bridge the divide between theory and practice.

We can create both paper-based and online materials that suit the specific needs of your students and teachers

We have hundreds of hours worth of teaching materials, ranging from explanations of grammar and vocabulary quizzes to large-scale projects utilizing international virtual exchanges and a wealth of authentic multimedia resources. We also offer content-based materials with a specific focus for learning with dual-focused aims.

We provide bespoke multimedia and eLearning solutions for language learning and linguisitic research.

We create online networks for the language classroom, and autonomous learner training and practice. We can advise you on updating your Self-Access Center, help create an Online Self-Access Centre or setup a Virtual Learning Environment. We also provide teacher training and support, as well as consultation on all aspects of technology for learning.

Combining technical and academic expertise, we aim to bring you the best in online learning and teaching.