Tokyo CLIL Workshop July 6th 2013, Senshu University

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This is a quick report on the workshop given at Senshu University last weekend. Many thanks to Stephen Ryan of Senshu for inviting us, to Kay Irie of Tokai University for her enthusiasm and support, and for leading a great panel discussion. We would also like to thank Mr. Tsuchiya at the Language Laboratory at Senshu which organised the event. We are also especially grateful to all the attendees who came and took part, it was a great day!

The slides are shown below in order of each presenter.

Makoto Ikeda – ABCs of CLIL

Richard Pinner – CLIL Demo Lesson: Factory Farming


Chantal Hemmi – Critical Thinking in CLIL

2 Replies to “Tokyo CLIL Workshop July 6th 2013, Senshu University”

  1. Richard,

    Thanks for making the content of the CLiL workshop at Senshu available to us.

    You all gave very professional and informative presentations. For me, as a teacher who wants to move into a content-based curriculum, it was very helpful.

    Thanks/Steven Paydon

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