ELTons 2011

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Good news! The British Council’s prestigious ELTon Award for Innovation in ELT has shortlsisted my colleagues and I from Kaplan International Colleges’ Learning Innovations department for our work on the distance online course which we created. Very pleased to be on the shortlist, the winner will be announced at the ceremony on the 23rd of February.

Click here for a list of other shortlisted applicants and to see the ELTon awards’ website.

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    So Kaplan International Colleges’ Learning Innovations Team (of which I am a former member) didn’t win the ELTon in 2011 sadly for the Live Online course that we developed. It was good to be shortlisted though and the competition was really good. I would like to extend my personal congratulations to the winners and my thanks to everyone who was involved with the 2011 ELTons and of course to my colleagues who worked so hard on the program. また今度 as we say in Japan!

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