Using VLEs

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How many of us are now using VLEs to provide students with access to supplementary resources, lecture notes, additional or useful information and links to other repositories?

Many university level lecturing jobs and teaching posts are asking for experience with eLearning. This page aims to provide a forum for discussions about how best to use these resources for Language Teaching.


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  1. I think that using VLEs is all well and good, but there needs to be a lot of support for teaching staff and students or they won’t work. Also, students need a reason to use them.

  2. Thanks Jonny_0.

    Agreed, teacher education and student support are vital for VLE implementation. However, teachers will be wary also of using VLEs if they perceive it as adding too much extra administration to their already tight schedules. It’s helpful to have someone who also administers the courses centrally and does most of this work as it can be time consuming and requires quite a bit of expertise.

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