• The use of self-regulation strategies by foreign language learners and its role in language achievement April 14, 2015
    Studies show that incorporating self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies into foreign language teaching encourages the development of autonomous learners. However, interviews with teachers (n = 51) indicate that they mostly do not consider SRL in classroom practices. The present study attempts to highlight the significance of SRL in language teaching by exploring its impact on language […]
    Seker, M.
  • Understanding the development of Chinese EFL learners' email literacy through Exploratory Practice April 14, 2015
    While many empirical studies demonstrate the effects of instruction on enhancing second language (L2) learners’ pragmatic competence (Rose, 2005), few have attempted to gain an understanding of the quality of classroom life in addition to instructional efficacy. Drawing on the framework of Exploratory Practice (Allwright, 2005), the present study examines how intermediate-level Taiwanese students of […]
    Chen, Y.-s.
  • Nonverbal behavior and corrective feedback in nine ESL university-level classrooms March 24, 2015
    Nonverbal behavior is an area of recent interest in second language acquisition (SLA). Some researchers have found that teachers’ nonverbal behavior plays a role in second language (L2) learners’ learning. Furthermore, corrective feedback during L2 interaction can also be facilitative of L2 development; however, little is known about how nonverbal behavior accompanies teachers’ corrective feedback. […]
    Wang, W., Loewen, S.
  • Effects of glosses on learning of L2 grammar and vocabulary March 16, 2015
    The present study examines how glossing of second language (L2) texts affects L2 learners’ reading comprehension as well as their learning of L2 grammar and vocabulary. It employed a pretest, immediate posttest, and delayed posttest design with two treatment sessions. The target features were English unaccusativity and 10 pseudo-word items. Participants were 52 Korean college […]
    Jung, J.
  • Beliefs and practices of Brazilian EFL teachers regarding pronunciation March 12, 2015
    Interest in pronunciation learning and teaching has increased significantly in the past few years. Studies and resources in the area have proliferated, but it is important to know whether they have influenced teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) and English as a second language (ESL). The purpose of this study was to investigate […]
    Buss, L.


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Teaching with Social Networks


Whether you find yourself addicted or at a loss when it comes to things like Facebook and twitter, more and more people are using social networks for personal and professional reasons. For example, LinkedIn has active discussions about language teaching and various professional groups of teachers and applied linguists. Many schools and institutions have Facebook . . . → Read More: Teaching with Social Networks

Self-Assessment and The Tao

An auspicious observation to start 2015

Happy New Year for 2015!

It was a nice surprise to see that my own article had appeared on the RSS feed from Language Teaching Research as the advance online access is now available! I have had this RSS feed on my blog for several years and now finally I have a paper in this . . . → Read More: Self-Assessment and The Tao

TEFLology Podcast Guest Section on Authenticity


This weeks’ TEFLology Podcast features a guest speaker – me! I was very flattered to be invited by the TEFLologists to their top-secret recording location where we discussed Steven Krashen, Teaching foreign languages at Primary schools and of course authenticity.


Thanks for listening!


The Authenticity Continuum: English Today

English Today (2014) 30(4).

Why authenticity should be represented as a continuum in the EFL classroom . . . → Read More: The Authenticity Continuum: English Today

International Conference on Motivational Dynamics and Second Language Acquisition – Nottingham August 2014 Reflection

Published by Multilingual Matters

Zoltán Dörnyei opens the proceedings

The main thing about the conference was that it was quite focused, intense and engaging. There were about 170 participants and the conference lasted three days. Each day I was travelling by bus to the campus early in the morning and returning late at night, mainly due to the . . . → Read More: International Conference on Motivational Dynamics and Second Language Acquisition – Nottingham August 2014 Reflection

TEFLology (podcast)


This is a quick post to recommend a brilliant new podcast all about Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). If you think that a podcast about TEFL sounds rather dry and boring, you will be surprised at how listenable, upbeat and interesting the TEFLology podcast is. This will become apparent right from the catchy . . . → Read More: TEFLology (podcast)

BAAL 2014 Annual Conference, Warwick

BAAL 2014 at the University of Warwick

This is a quick post, composed between parallel sessions, about the BAAL 2014 conference which I am currently attending. Unlike many of the attendees I am no good at Live Tweeting since I am already multitasking in my own life so much that if I tried I would lose focus on what’s actually happening. However, . . . → Read More: BAAL 2014 Annual Conference, Warwick

English Today

Word Cloud of Word Frequency from my research into authenticity

I am delighted to announce that my piece for English Today entitled “The Authenticity Continuum– towards a definition incorporating international voices” has been accepted and is scheduled for publication sometime in the near future. The piece expands upon the need for a less culturally embedded view of authenticity in language teaching. I am very pleased . . . → Read More: English Today

Anaheim Open TESOL Seminar – Tokyo, 2014

Rod Ellis at Anaheim Open TESOL, Tokyo 2014

I have just attended the Anaheim open TESOL seminar, and I am on the way back, typing madly into my tablet so as to get as much transcribed as possible before I get home because as soon as I get back I have to slip into a yukatta and enjoy the hanabi summer fireworks festival . . . → Read More: Anaheim Open TESOL Seminar – Tokyo, 2014

EFL Teacher Journeys Conference: Reflection

EFL Teacher Journeys Kyoto

I sit here on the Shinkansen home to Tokyo, the obligatory post-conference beer and bento box at hand. I have just attended the EFL Teacher Journeys conference in Kyoto, part of the Teacher Development SIG at JALT, and it was easily one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a long while. I think . . . → Read More: EFL Teacher Journeys Conference: Reflection